Recalibrating German Foreign Policy after the "Zeitenwende”

During his visit to New York, SPD Co-Chair Lars Klingbeil participated in a timely discussion about reorienting German economic and foreign policy in times of "Zeitenwende".

On November 16, Bundestag Member and SPD Co-Chair Lars Klingbeil met with about 30 participants from different international organizations as well as private sector representatives to discuss the reorientation of German economic and foreign policy. Jointly hosted by the American Council on Germany, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and Penguin Random House, the event came on the heels of Mr. Klingbeil’s visit to New York and Washington D.C. 

Mr. Klingbeil opened the event by outlining the historic turning point ("Zeitenwende") that Germany is currently experiencing. Brought about by Russia's war on Ukraine and the consequent cutting of ties between Germany and Russia, Mr. Klingbeil elaborated that the "Zeitenwende" has alredy resulted in several developments, for instance, Germany's commitment to a more active international leadership role and the modernization of its military, as well as efforts to diversify economic partnerships, minimize dependencies, and increase preparedness for different foreign policy scenarios. 

Following meetings with key decision-makers at the United Nations in New York, Mr. Klingbeil further highlighted the importance of strengthening the rules-based international order and forging effective multilateral solutions to today's most pressing challenges. 

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