"The Nuclear Weapons Ban and Human Security for All: Assessing the Draft Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons from a Human Security Perspective"

This publication discusses proposals for a strong, integral nuclear weapons ban treaty that among others includes references to human rights, environmental law and victim assistance.

Author: Matthew Bolton

Efforts to abolish nuclear weapons have regained momentum by the current negotiations for a nuclear weapons ban treaty. Despite the resistance from nuclear powers, the majority of UN Member States is determined to come to an agreement in July 2017. This publication discusses proposals for a strong, human-security-based treaty that would include references to human rights and environmental law, explicitly prohibit financing nuclear weapons production, and strengthen positive obligations on victim assistance and on environmental remediation. The author also suggests that the agreement should include a pathway towards engagement and eventual accession for nuclear-armed and nuclear alliance states.


Bolton , Matthew

The nuclear weapons ban and human security for all

Assessing the draft convention on the prohibition of nuclear weapons from a human security perspective
Berlin, 2017

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