Crisis of Liberalism: World Order in the 21st Century

Liberalism is under threat - both internationally and domestically. Can we avoid block confrontation and safeguard vital platforms for cooperation?

May 8-10 | New York City

Liberalism is under threat - both on the global level and from within individual societies.

Following the decline of the unipolar world order, notable rising powers are advocating for an alternative system that sidelines democracy and human rights. Others support a rule-based system but demand different rules – calling for multilateral institutions to finally reflect contemporary power dynamics. Simultaneously, liberal values are under threat from within. Neo-authoritarians erode the rule of law and curtail minority rights.

Can we stop the slippery slope toward toward bloc confrontation and safeguard the multilateral platforms we need to tackle global challenges?

From May 8-10, thought leaders from Asia, Europe and North America came together in New York for a symposium titled "Crisis of Liberalism: World Order in the 21st Century." The event, co-organized by FES New York and FES in Asia, aimed to facilitate an informal, closed-door debate to foster understanding of divergent perspectives and to chart a way forward amidst the complex challenges facing the international community today. 

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