Monday, 04.11.2019 - Friday, 08.11.2019

Fall Academy 2019

We need young leaders to achieve the SDGs!


This year's Fall Academy brought 13 young international policy makers to the FES New York Office.

Geopolitical changes and increasing scepticism about international cooperation have put multilateralism at a crossroads. Against this backdrop, participants of the FES New York 2019 Fall Academy explored the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for their own progressive, transformative politics. Participants were encouraged to look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a tool that has the potential to revitalize democracy and foster conversation between governments and civil society.

Participants collaborated on different topics (e.g. gender equality, climate change, and shrinking democratic space) in order to share expertise and learn from one another’s experience. They learned about the SDGs, how to navigate UN processes, and how to link national, regional and global aspirations or influence political agendas associated with the Agenda 2030. As a result, all participants developed individual as well as collaborative policy papers to create synergies between their ongoing work for progressive political transformation and the implementation of the SDG agenda in their home countries.

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