How to Ensure Debt Sustainability Accelerates Sustainable Development

Debt Sustainability Analyses (DSAs) need to be more compatible with countries’ national plans to reach the SDGs & climate goals.

Author: Matthew Martin, Director, Development Finance International

A new study by Matthew Martin makes the case for why and how to adapt DSAs to National Sustainable Development Plans and National Defined Contributions and Adaptation Plans to confront the climate crisis.

The paper addresses three key challenges: adapting DSAs 1) to overall SDG spending needs, 2) to meet urgent environmental crises, including climate change, nature and biodiversity collapse, and the rising incidence of natural disasters, and 3) to meet social crises produced by rising inequality and poverty, as well as pandemics. Mindful of the need for feasible and immediately actionable recommendations, the study has been based on close consultation with civil society experts and representatives of governments and international organizations.


How to ensure debt sustainability accelerates sustainable development

Martin, Matthew

How to ensure debt sustainability accelerates sustainable development

Bonn, 2024

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