"President or Paper Tiger? The Role of the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations"

This publication focuses on the role and influence of the President of the UN General Assembly within political affairs as well as how much influence he should have to deliver for the UN Member States.

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Author: Tomas Anker Christensen

Recent disagreements between its five Permanent Members continue to prevent the UN Security Council from springing into action. Conversely, the UN General Assembly has become more actively involved in tackling global challenges, which alters the political and diplomatic role of its President. This publication advocates for strengthening the General Assembly’s Presidency as an institution so that it can deliver more effectively for its Member States. Towards this end, the paper discusses concrete reform proposals, such as extending the President’s term and creating a permanent core staff for its office. 


President or paper tiger?

Christensen, Tomas Anker

President or paper tiger?

The role of the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations
Berlin, 2018

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