Reckoning with 9/11

This podcast series by Saferworld and FES New York brings together experts from around the world to reflect on the impacts of 9/11.

Episode 1: Ground zero

Episode 2: Into the land of bones

Episode 3: Overreach in Iraq

Episode 4: More unending wars: Yemen and Somalia

Episode 5: Evolutions: Remote Warfare & CVE

Episode 6: Weaponizing the War on Terror

Episode 7: Bringing it all back home

Episode 8: Is the ‘9/11 paradigm' here to stay?


Roundtable Report: Responding to the Risks of Covid-19 Debt Distress

Global debt has skyrocketed during the pandemic. This Roundtable Report by eminent experts represents a new consensus & delivers recommendations for a global response to a crisis of sovereign debt distress made worse by Covid. Download the report here. The report was jointly launched by the Center for Global Development, the Consensus Building Institute and FES New York. For a recap of the panel discussion, please visit the CGD website.

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World Protests Study

A new study shows that the overwhelming majority of protests around the world are peaceful and advance reasonable demands. Protesters want human rights, decent living standards, and a voice in the decisions that impact their quality of life. FES New York and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) at Columbia University hosted an online panel discussion of findings from the new FES/IPD open-source e-book, World Protests: A Study of Key Protest Issues in the 21st Century, which is available as free download via Palgrave Macmillan.

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Time to Shake the Trees

Club de Madrid and FES New York reaffirm their commitment to a multilateral approach to social justice and inclusion in Time to Shake the Trees, a short video that was presented during the closing session of the Civil Society Forum 2021 on 12 February.

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Transforming Multilateralism For Social Justice and Inclusion

At a time in which the COVID-19 health and economic crisis is disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable communities, UN institutions, Member States and civil society must all cooperate to tackle the widening inequalities brought about by the pandemic. In a push for more multilateral solutions on social justice and inclusion, Club de Madrid and the FES New York build momentum around the call to revitalize social development.

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Addressing the Threat of Autonomous Weapons

Killer robots are at the cutting edge of modern warfare, but how do we keep them in check and ensure meaningful human control? FESNY's Volker Lehmann introduces our new paper on a legally binding instrument to address the threat of lethal autonomous weapons. Download the publication here.

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What has Germany achieved on the UN Security Council?

For the last two years, Germany was an elected member of the United Nations Security Council. As its term comes to an end, we take a closer look at Germany's time on the Council, its diplomatic impact, and what the future may bring. A conversation between Richard Gowan (UN Director, International Crisis Group) and Michael Bröning (Executive Director, FES New York).

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UN-Generalversammlung: Dieses Jahr ist alles anders!

„Diesen September ist alles anders!“ Am 22. September startet in New York die Generaldebatte der Vereinten Nationen. Doch die Zukunft der Weltorganisation scheint ungewisser denn je. Ein Kurzbeitrag von Michael Bröning (Executive Director, FES New York).

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It's time to rebuild Global Cooperation!

It's been a difficult year, but FES New York and its partners are all in to seize this important moment & make 2020 a year of transformational change. Learn more about the #UN75 Global Governance Forum, the #UNited for a #NewMultilateralism conference, and the first-ever virtual FES Fall Academy.

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UNited for a new, fair and inclusive multilateralism

As the year 2020 is the starting point for the UN system to discuss the reform of the multilateral system at the UN General Assembly, FEPS Europe, FES New York and others decided to contribute to the debate by launching a project to develop a progressive approach to: identity the main challenges ahead; formulate recommendations not only on the "what" but on the "how" in different policy areas of the multilateral system; formulate recommendations on the architecture of the multilateral system. The results will be presented at the "UNited for a New Multilateralism" virtual conference on September 18, 2020.

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Online Discussion on Rising Inequality

This interactive discussion was kicked-off by World Bank Executive Director (ED) for Germany, Jürgen K. Zattler and featured a presentation on his recent FES publication, “Rising Inequality” (ENDE). Mr. Zattler's presentation was followed by interventions from Prof. Gabriel Palma (Cambridge University), Cecilia Nahón (World Bank Alternate ED for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay), and Patrizio Pagano (World Bank ED for Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino and Timor-Leste).

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Webtalk: Gemeinsam Einsam?

Am 1. Juli 2020 hat Deutschland zum zweiten Mal während seiner aktuellen nichtständigen Mitgliedschaft im UN-Sicherheitsrat den einmonatigen Ratsvorsitz übernommen. Gerade unter Coronabedingungen stellen sich der deutschen UN-Politik nun vollkommen neue Herausforderungen. Und die alten sind geblieben, allen voran der Klimawandel oder die stetige Suche nach gemeinsamen europäischen Antworten auf die rasanten Veränderungen in der Weltpolitik. Was können Deutschland und Europa dieses Jahr im UN-Sicherheitsrat erreichen? Darum ging es in unserem Webtalk mit Botschafter Christoph Heusgen, Barbara Hendricks und Janka Oertel.

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FES New York 2019 Fall Academy

We need young leaders to achieve the SDGs! Our 2019 Fall Academy brought young international policy makers from across the globe to New York to explore the ins and outs of the UN's 2030 Agenda.

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Der Draht zum Rat - Episode 3

What has Germany achieved on the UN Security Council in 2019? What's on the agenda for 2020? Before the end of the year, we spoke to Richard Gowan (UN Director, Crisis Group) to take stock of Germany's performance on the Security Council so far and look ahead to what's next.

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UNited for Climate Justice

The time for climate justice is now! But what does it look like?

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3 Questions for Angela Kane (Senior Fellow, VCDNP)

Angela Kane, Senior Fellow at VCDNP and former UN High Representative on Disarmament Affairs, visited FESNY to talk about her latest policy brief entitled "“Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Between Aspiration and Reality”.

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Helen Mudora on Social Protection and Development

Helen Mudora (Program Manager, Partnerships and Networks at Africa Platform for Social Protection) stopped by FESNY to talk about civil society involvement in social protection and development.

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3 Questions for Jack Mayerhofer (Chief of Staff, AIPR)

Jack Mayerhofer (Chief of Staff, Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation) discusses Germany's capacity - and unique obligation - to play an important part in atrocity prevention on the international level.

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Der Draht zum Rat - Episode 2

Featuring Dr. Sarah Taylor (Senior Fellow, International Peace Institute), this episode of our interactive discussion series "Der Draht zum Rat" looked back at the month of April, during which Germany held the presidency of the UN Security Council.

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Der Draht zum Rat - Episode 1

UN expert Richard Gowan (Senior Fellow, UN University Centre for Policy Research) stopped by FES NY for our very first "Der Draht zum Rat" (Eng: "The Wire to the Council") interactive discussion providing timely analysis and reflection on the Council's most pressing issues - and Germany's role in it.

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FES New York 2018 Fall Academy

The UN's 2030 Agenda needs young leaders from across the globe who critically assess it, use it for their own transformative, progressive work, and make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality. That's what our FES New York 2018 Fall Academy was all about.

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Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz & Damon Silvers (AFL-CIO) Talk Global Financial Regulation

World-renowned economist and Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz & AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers stopped by FESNY to discuss the role of finance workers in global financial regulation as part of a day-long strategy session on the sidelines of United Nations High-Level Political Forum 2018.

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Video: Gender and Trade Coalition: Initial Think-Meeting

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