Monday, 05.11.2018 - Tuesday, 06.11.2018

"Global Trade Union Strategy Meeting"

FES New York and PSI teamed-up to host a Global Trade Union Strategy Meeting in preparation of key UN summits in 2019.

2019 promises to be a key year for the global trade union movement at the United Nations. Upcoming summits like the UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD), the Commission on the Status of Women, and the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) will address such issues as wages and inequality, social protection, education, decent work, and the importance of strong institutions.

2019 is also the Centenary of the ILO, with numerous events during the General Assembly in September 2019 that present the trade union movement with a major political opportunity to put labor issues and the need for the democratization of global economic governance at the very heart of the United Nations.

Against this backdrop, FES New York and Public Services International (PSI) teamed-up to host a Global Trade Union Strategy Meeting from 5-6 November in NYC, to reflect on inputs, joint campaigning and mapping strategic opportunities for trade union action in the lead up to 2019.

This strategy meeting provided a joint training opportunity for trade union delegates participating in said UN events. It also strengthened strategic alliances and outlined a multi-layer action plan, which is to be launched at the CSocD and carried forward throughout 2019, including via side and parallel events at each of the major UN meetings.

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