Sustaining Peace

Although wars between states continue to be in decline, the number of casualties from armed strife are on the rise. This is the result of asymmetrical conflicts between state and non-state actors, and of new forms of organized violence. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that peace is more than the absence of war. Peace, to be sustainable, needs to be nourished before, during, and after conflicts. And while some states actively undermine people’s security, functioning, accountable state structures remain desirable to guarantee human security needs and rights. FES New York works with UN Member States and other actors towards an inclusive notion of peace that addresses the security concerns of states but also of the end users of peace – the individual human beings.

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16.11.2022 | Multilateralism 4.0, Sustaining Peace | Event

During his visit to New York, SPD Co-Chair Lars Klingbeil participated in a timely discussion about reorienting German economic and foreign policy in…


| Sustaining Peace | Event

FES and the International Peace Institute (IPI) co-hosted a discussion with Ukrainian women leaders.


| Multilateralism 4.0, Sustaining Peace | Event

After Chancellor Scholz's trip to D.C., Bundestag Member Nils Schmid (SPD) talks about German and European leadership in the face of the unfolding…


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