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13.05.2024 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event
Crisis of Liberalism: World Order in the 21st Century
Liberalism is under threat - both internationally and domestically. Can we avoid block confrontation and safeguard vital platforms for cooperation?  
30.04.2024 | Inclusive Economy | Publication
Debt Sustainability Analyses Amid Multiple Crises
In an era of high debts and more shocks, should debt sustainability analyses by the IMF and World Bank change to adapt?  
23.04.2024 | Inclusive Economy | Event
Advancing Debt Sustainability
Alongside UN DESA, we brought together leading experts for an interactive discussion on debt sustainability.  
15.04.2024 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event
Building Bridges in Turbulent Times
On April 15, FES New York hosted an interactive luncheon discussion with Members of the German Parliament Andreas Larem and Rebecca Schamber.  
11.04.2024 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication
Financing the United Nations
The UN's liquidity crisis jeopardizes its mandates. A new study by FES and IDOS explores new mechanisms for UN funding.  
05.03.2024 | Sustaining Peace | Event
The Path to Credible Elections in South Sudan
Alongside our partners, we brought South Sudanese experts to the UN in New York to discuss the path to credible elections in South Sudan.  
21.02.2024 | Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Event
Taking Stock of Civil Society Expectations
On Feb 21, we were pleased to host an exchange between Dirk Meyer, Director-General at Germany's BMZ, and civil society experts in New York.  
20.02.2024 | Sustaining Peace | Event, Publication
New Geopolitics of Peace Operations
Together with SIPRI and partners, we launched the final report of the "New Geopolitics of Peace Operations" initiative.  
9. Germany in the World: A Global Outlook  
The American Council on Germany and FES New York hosted a reception & discussion with Member of the German Bundestag, Metin Hakverdi (SPD).  
10. Civil Society Forum 2024  
The CSF 2024 provided a platform for civil society to strategize on social development and the implementation of the UN's 2030 Agenda. Watch here.  
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