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51. Virtual Event: Forsaken Futures  
This event by Project Syndicate and partners brought together leading experts to discuss the climate crisis and what must be done now.  
22.08.2022 | Sustaining Peace | Publication
New study on UN’s counterterrorism architecture
Led and bankrolled by undemocratic states with deep pockets, UN counter-terrorism efforts are increasingly opaque, unaccountable and out of step with UN values.  
53. Global Policy: "Hegel on the Hudson: Why the End of the End of History spells trouble for the United Nations"  
As the gap between the UN's global governance ambitions and political reality grows ever wider, the future of the world organization is increasingly uncertain, writes Michael Bröning in "Global…  
03.08.2022 | Sustaining Peace | Publication
Humanitarian Action on Nuclear Weapons
The UN's review conference on nuclear weapons was overshadowed by geopolitics, but a focus on humanitarian issues may be the way forward.  
20.07.2022 | Sustaining Peace | Publication
UN-brokered truce in Yemen: Give Peace – and the UN – a chance
While the eyes of the world are on Russia's war in Ukraine, significant diplomatic progress has been achieved in Yemen.  
56. Progressive Post: "Do you hear the people sing?"  
Dr. Ania Skrypzek, Director for Research and Training at the Foundations for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), reviews our "World Protests" Study in "The Progressive Post".  
57. Vorwärts: „Warum die SPD eine neue Vorstellung von Fortschritt braucht“ (DE)  
FES NY Director Michael Bröning in "Vorwaerts": More and more people perceive change as threatening. The Left needs a completely new concept of progress.  
20.06.2022 | 2030 Agenda | Event
2030 and beyond? The road to sustainable global development
Watch our online roundtable on the future of sustainable development with Members of the European Parliament and international experts.  
59. POLITICO: "Don’t give me truth: The pitfalls of fighting misinformation"  
As governments become the arbiters of reality, what we need is open debate. Michael Bröning in "POLITICO".  
02.06.2022 | Inclusive Economy | Publication
The potential of a UN Tax Convention and a “Race to the Top Alliance”
The discussion about a UN Tax Convention is moving from a question of “Should we have one?” to “How would we do it?”  
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