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91. La Nacion: "¿Por qué hay tantas protestas en el mundo? Un nuevo estudio dice tener algunas respuestas"  
The FES/IPD study on "World Protests" reviewed in the Argentinian daily newspaper "La Nacion".  
92. Mediapart: "Augmentation des protestations dans le monde … toujours ignorées et réprimées"  
Our "World Protests" study featured in the independent French online investigative journal "Mediapart".  
93. Politico: "What's with Joe Biden’s UNGA caginess?"  
The results of the FES New York "Global Census" opinion poll on international diplomacy featured in Politico's "Global Insider" newsletter.  
94. Stuttgarter Nachrichten: "20 Jahre nach den Anschlägen: So hat 9/11 das Leben verändert"  
"Anti-Terrorism Laws — 20 Years after 9/11" - a comparative study of national laws and policies of the G20 states - featured in the German newspaper "Stuttgarter Nachrichten".  
95. Tagesspiegel: "Die Freiheitsrechte bleiben eingeschränkt"  
Josef Braml's new anti-terror study for FES New York reviewed in Germany's "Der Tagesspiegel".  
96. Project Syndicate: "The New-Old Sovereign-Debt Challenge"  
José Antonio Ocampo's op-ed highlighting findings from the "Roundtable Report: Responding to Risks of Covid Debt Distress" in "Project Syndicate".  
97. Passblue: "What Now, António?"  
A FESNY essay by Thomas G. Weiss on the reappointment of UN Secretary-General Guterres featured in "Passblue".  
98. Equal Times: "Is the end of corporate tax evasion and tax havens finally in sight?"  
Sara Burke (Senior Policy Analyst, FES New York) presenting the "Good Global Citzens" initiative on corporate tax justice in "Equal Times".  
99. Politico: "U.S. quiet diplomacy vs. China’s cynical posturing"  
Michael Bröning (Executive Director, FES New York) commenting on the Middle East peace process in "Politico".  
100. Vox: "The 'TikTok intifada'"  
Michael Bröning (Executive Director, FES New York) commenting on the use of social media in the 2021 Gaza crisis in "Vox".  
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