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22.09.2023 | Inclusive Economy | Event
Debt Sustainability in the Global Financial Architecture
This meeting convened leading economists in preparation of a report on the role of debt sustainability analyses in the global financial architecture.  
22. SWR 2: "Unreformierbare UN?"  
Zur Generalversammlung in New York ist die Reform des UN-Sicherheitsrats in aller Munde. Doch was bedeutet das konkret? Mehr dazu von Volker Lehmann (FES New York) im Gespräch mit dem SWR 2…  
19.09.2023 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event
UNGA Side Event
During UNGA, this high-level discussion with Minister Svenja Schulze explored how to update the multilateral architecture to achieve the SDGs.  
15.09.2023 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication
Global Census Poll 2023
The United Nations and its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are highly popular around the world, but reforms are needed for the UN to deliver.  
25. Climate & Development Finance: What Works?  
Alongside Project Syndicate, we co-hosted an online discussion on how to finance sustainable development and climate action.  
15.09.2023 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event
Common Blueprint for Digital Transformations
Tech experts, government representatives and UN officials gathered at FES NY to discuss a Common Blueprint for Digital Transformations.  
27. Watson: "Umfrage: Deutsche wollen mehr Engagement der Vereinten Nationen"  
Das Schweizer Nachrichtenportal Watson berichtet über die Ergebnisse des neuen FES Global Census - eine Meinungsumfrage zu den Vereinten Nationen und aktuellen Fragen des Multilateralismus.  
28. Washington Post: "Why It’s So Hard to Tame Inflation"  
The effects of inflation on households worldwide remain palpable. In this article, the Washington Post quotes our recent FES study on "Food, energy and cost of living protests."  
20.07.2023 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event
Preserving Democratic Spaces - Overcoming Challenges to Civil Society Engagement
Germany’s Parliamentary State Secretary for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Bärbel Kofler, met with civil society leaders in New York.  
10.07.2023 | Multilateralism 4.0, Sustaining Peace | Publication
The Urgency of a United Nations Charter Review Conference
The UN system has outlived its usefulness and it is now urgent to design a global institution that is reflective of the twenty-first century.  
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