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31. Global Study: The Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society & Civic Space  
New study by UN Special Rapporteur finds widespread "misuse of counter-terrorism... measures and practices" at the expense of civil society.  
26.05.2023 | Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Event
Geoeconomic fragmentation: what risks for the financial and monetary system?
Will "geoeconomic fragmentation" lead to a global economy of conflicting blocs, each with its own rules, regulations & standards?  
22.05.2023 | 2030 Agenda | Event
Getting the SDGs back on track - Perspectives from Civil Society
Germany's Development Minister, Svenja Schulze, met leading experts in New York to discuss how we can get the UN's 2030 Agenda back on track.  
01.03.2023 | Sustaining Peace | Publication
Laws for LAWS
Emerging military technologies like lethal autonomous weapons (LAWS) are dangerously under-regulated. It's time to change that.  
28.02.2023 | Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Event
Fit for future? - A Global Digital Compact for Gender Justice
During CSW67, we launched the "Charter of Feminists Demands" for a gender equitable digital future.  
36. Vorwärts: „Wie der Ukraine-Krieg die Vereinten Nationen verändert“  
Ein Jahr Krieg in der Ukraine: Die UNO konnte den Konflikt bisher nicht lösen. Warum das so ist, beschreibt Michael Bröning im vorwärts.  
37. CSW67 Networking Reception  
Together with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, we brought together a diverse group of stakeholders for an evening of informal exchange.  
16.02.2023 | Inclusive Economy | Publication
Brief: World Protests 2021-2022
Around the world, people have become increasingly angry at the failures of their governments - democratically elected or not - to address their needs.  
15.02.2023 | Inclusive Economy | Publication
Food, energy & cost of living protests, 2022
2022 saw unprecedented protests about the basics needed for everyday life, signaling a global economic failure to provide goods at prices people can afford.  
40. Tagesspiegel: Welt erlebt „Welle der Unzufriedenheit“  
Politische Repräsentation, Bürgerrechte und wirtschaftliche Gerechtigkeit: Vor allem dafür gingen Menschen laut einer Studie der FES in den vergangenen zwei Jahren auf die Straße.  
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